1.1 Ecological

The particular theme of “ecology”  will be used extensively in examining the morphology and community and principally its interactions.  A separate section has therefore been given over to this area of study.

CYCLES (origins: from the Latin “cyclus” and from the Greek; “kyklos” meaning circle, wheel)

Dictionary Definition:

  1. any complete round or series of occurrences that repeats or is repeated
  2. a reoccurring period of time
  3. a sequence of changing states that, upon completion, produce a final state identical to the original one

EQUILIBRIUM (origins: from the Latin “aequilibrium” [from “aequus” meaning equal and “libra” meaning balance])

Dictionary Definition:

  1. a state of rest or balance due to the equal action of opposing forces
  2. equal balance between any powers or influence

MIGRATE [equally Migratory or Migration] (origins: from the Latin “migrationem meaning to move from one place to another)

Dictionary Definition:

  1. to go [move, resettle, relocate] from one place to another
  2. to pass periodically from one place to another
  3. to shift from one system or mode of operation, to another
  4. to move from one region of a body to another








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